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Documentation for worX

Our vision for worX is to take the principal of "codify cloud" and make that available to customers in a way that brings value at each stage of the Cloud adoption journey to address two of the most significant challenges facing enterprise AWS customers;

  1. Organizational Complexity: Large enterprises are often complex organizations with multiple business units, geographically distributed teams, and complex governance structures.

  2. Security and Compliance: Large enterprises often have more complex security and compliance requirements than startups, and maintaining security and compliance when adopting or scaling on cloud can be a significant challenge.

worX aims to help solve those challenges by providing technology that enables, accelerates and governs the cloud adoption journey.

  • Enable

    Enable access to modern AWS tools using existing enterprise access controls


  • Accelerate

    Provision scalable, robust and flexible workloads on AWS more consistently and with better defaults baked in.


  • Govern

    Make managing the workloads you have on AWS more cost effective and more automated


You can read all about our vision for worX in more detail in our blog post here

Components of worX

worX is our technology that enables, accelerates and governs the cloud adoption journey. Each of the components of worX is aimed at improving that experience whether you are just getting started, are ready to build or are looking to operate and manage an existing platform on AWS.

  • teamworX


    Supported, Open Source tools for engineering teams who need to work with AWS every day


    The same tools but accessible to the whole team in a secure manner that aligns with traditional enterprise requirements. It's also compatible with MS VSCode to provide a secure workspace for your cloud engineering teams.

  • buildworX


    Our Terraform infrastructure library also contains reference architectures (workloads) suitable for provisioning and managing the collections of resources suitable to host many widely deployed enterprise applications and services


    Our Terraform infrastructure library codifies enterprise ready components (modules) suitable for large scale deployment. We have patterns for everything from single VMs all the way up to 50 Gbit global transit networks on AWS

  • autoworX


    Codified automation that can be added to your AWS accounts that will help you reduce your spend and better align when that spend occurs to your hours of business. The same automation can detect and report on orphan or unused resources and assist with minimizing potential attack surface.


    Codified automation that can be added to your existing CICD pipelines for common use cases to surface potential costs, perform security analysis and report on detected drift in your AWS accounts