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Pattern Package Structure

Within each pattern is a consistent structure that separates Terraform code, internal defaults and a reference example for the user that can also be used to test the pattern itself.

Inside each pattern

1. Internal Defaults

  • Configuration that holds internal defaults within conf.d
  • The conf.d directory may also contain any lookup-table (LUT) resources that are used for mapping detected runtime attributes (ie. AWS Region) to useful information as part of ensuring ensure consistent labelling of resources (ie. A default regional prefix for resource names)

2. Reference Example

  • A reference example that can also be used for manual or automated testing of the pattern itself.
  • The reference example should have all optional features enabled and configured to also support automated AWS cost calculations

3. Main Pattern Code

  • One or more Terraform files with resources grouped by type or function to keep code modular and maintenance easier
  • The Hestio license, also available online
  • A that provides a basic summary of the purpose of the pattern and includes pre-commit markers for automated documentation
Basic information from the

Now that we have covered the basic core concepts behind the low-code patterns library in worX, why not try it out for yourself with one of our tutorials?