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Global Network Visibility on AWS

· 2 min read
Robert Jennings

A Fortune 100 company with 10’s of thousands of network nodes requires forensic visibility to create new lines of defence.

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High-fidelity forensic visibility of a large global network presents scale and performance challenges. Customers that have adopted a cloud first strategy are leveraging the scale and performance the cloud offers and are conscious that costs must be managed.

The Viavi Observer Gigaflow solution for our customer required high volume of Netflow records to be delivered without loss of data.


Hestio and Viavi Solutions built a highly optimized solution that ensured reliability and scale at a price point that matched the customer requirements. AWS was chosen as the platform to deliver this solution using leveraging Amazon EC2 to create a virtual appliance offering, ready to use with the AWS Marketplace.

Alt text

Figure: Viavi Observer Gigaflow

The solution set a benchmark for expansion across the customers global network of more than 40,000 devices.

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Figure: Global Network Visibility

Business benefits for the customer

The customer has reduced mean time to resolution of their network with high-fidelity visibility of every network conversation.

Automated threat assessment has created a new line of defense by utilizing enriched flow records.

These solutions can now be scaled across their global network in a cost effective manner based on a data driven benchmark delivered by Hestio and Viavi Solutions built on AWS.

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