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AWS Expertise as a Service.

Access to the right expertise at the right time.

Successful delivery of many projects rely on early engagement of technical stakeholders that can bring value outside of traditional pure technology domains; domains such as governance, process, logistics and strategy. fleXpertise provides highly experienced AWS professionals to customers with an elastic usage model.


Expertise in the design, deployment and management of infrastructure to deploy scalable web services on both private and public cloud platforms.


Senior level experience in Design, Build, Deployment, Integration and Technology Operation.


Proven success in meeting the challenges of building and serving large-scale online services to millions of users.

Infrastructure Engineering

Excellent knowledge of AWS services including programmatic management using Infrastructure as Code principles and modern tooling such as Terraform.


Expertise in automation and configuration management at large scale for developer, operations and security teams.

Cost Optimization

Practical experience with analysis and implementation of Cost Management on AWS.

Agile Delivery

Excellent knowledge and experience of Agile Methodologies in working with cross-functional teams


Expertise in developing governance and strategic approaches to solving large scale challenges in IT organizations.

Focused Improvements.

Maybe you already have a workload in AWS and you'd like to understand how to better manage your costs or ensure you're ready to launch at scale.

Ask us about our focused improvements packages to ensure you get the same value as other AWS customers. Read the Business runs better in the cloud whitepaper or download the Business Value of Migrating to AWS infographic

AWS Spend Optimization

Do you want insight into your AWS costs? Are the policies and workflows you are use incurring unnecessary costs? Use serverless bots from our automation library to flex your capacity up when you need it and your costs down when it's not.

Review your AWS spend and find out where you can reduce your costs.

AWS Improvement Plan

Find out what improvements you can make to your existing workloads by conducting a Well Architected Review.

The AWS Well-Architected Framework helps you understand the pros and cons of decisions you make while building systems on AWS. It provides a way for you to consistently measure your architectures against best practices and identify areas for improvement.

Technology Expertise – When you need it.

Hestio fleXpertise service delivers senior technology experts with a flexible engagement model that aligns with modern project delivery in both large organisations and startups that have yet to appoint CTO level contributors.

Right expertise.

Select the expertise needed for your project and identify which stages of the project will need that support

Identify which stages of the project will need to flex up on resourcing. This is generally just before or just after major milestones

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Right time.

Flex up when needed for specific milestones or stages in your project.

Match the different stages of your project with the different skills and support needed.

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