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Guided Tutorials

In this section, you will be provided with tutorials that offer practical examples of worX. These examples are designed to help you understand how pattern library work and to provide you with hands-on experience.

By following the tutorials, you can try out the different patterns for yourself, which will give you a better understanding of their functionality and capability. Whether you are new to worX or an experienced user, these tutorials are a great resource to demonstrate the value you can unlock for you and your team.

Different Tutorials, Same Pattern

In a nutshell

Each of the tutorials has a section like the example below at the top to give you some basic information before you start and help you find a tutorial that matches your level of access or audience

What will I learn?Something that will require a high level of access/experience and is likely to be complex or needs domain specific expertise. The steps in these tutorials may create or modify resources in AWS
What will I learn?Something that will require a reasonable level of access/experience and may require some domain specific knowledge. The steps in these tutorials may create or modify resources in AWS
What will I learn?Anyone with an AWS account and basic read-only access should be able to follow the steps in this tutorial. These tutorials will most likely relate to getting information about resources managed in AWS

What is needed

We also provide a list of any specific software or permissions that are needed for the tutorial so that you can be sure you have everything needed before starting a tutorial.


Software & Services

  • Docker version 16.14 or above:

AWS Permissions

  • The built in ReadOnlyAccess IAM Policy provides all the permissions needed to get and collect data from the AWS APIs for now. You can attach this existing IAM Policy provided by AWS to the IAM User, Group or Role that corresponds to the identity that you have AWS credentials for.
  • For a full list of all the permissions being granted by this IAM Policy you can view the ReadOnlyAccess Policy in your AWS account

Get started for Free

Open Source

Did you know that some parts of worX are completely Open Source? That's right - the software is available free of charge, and we make some of our revenue by helping others install, use, and improve it. Take copy for yourself and try some of our tutorials!