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Digital Asset Management for AWS through Terraform

· 4 min read
Hugh Mooney

What if I told you that delivering a modern asset management lifecycle could be achieved using automation and infrastructure-as-code in a way that could be added to your existing DevOps pipelines? Traditional DevOps pipelines and managing digital assets are a lot more alike than you think;


Figure: Digital Asset Management lifecycle as a pipeline

  • Asset management and modern DevOps pipelines are both processes that aim to optimize and streamline the handling of resources within an organization. Both involve the creation of an efficient workflow for acquiring, organizing, and distributing assets, whether they be physical assets in the case of asset management or software assets in the case of developer pipelines.

  • In asset management, assets are monitored and tracked throughout their lifecycle, ensuring that they are properly maintained and replaced as needed. Similarly, in a developer pipeline, software assets are continuously monitored and improved through automated testing and integration, ensuring that they are functioning correctly and efficiently.

  • In both asset management and developer pipelines, the use of technology, such as software tools, is crucial in providing transparency and automation in the handling of assets. This leads to increased efficiency and reduced risks in the handling of assets, ultimately leading to better decision-making and improved results.

  • Moreover, both asset management and developer pipelines benefit from having a well-defined set of policies and procedures that guide their processes. This allows for consistency and predictability in the handling of assets and ensures that the organization is meeting its goals and objectives.

"Same, same but different"

The real difference of note is the barrier to collaboration. How can we extend the capability of each of the participants in a way that facilitates collaboration?


Figure: Digital Asset Management with collaboration

In traditional DevOps pipelines the software, automation and orchestration are generally going to be the same; the inputs might be different, the steps to build the assets might be different but the tooling and workflow that pulls it all together is the same for all.

How would that look if we wanted to do the exactly the same for managing our digital assets on AWS?


Figure: Digital Asset Management pipeline with enabling technologies

  • We can codify the target state of our digital assets on AWS (Terraform)
  • We can use a common set of software and tooling to handle the orchestration (Terraform Enterprise, Terraform Cloud, GitLab Runners, GitHub Runners, Jenkins Agents, etc)
  • We can insert healthy points of friction in the pipeline for cost management and access control (Terraform Cloud, Infracost)
  • We can enable all of the teams to collaborate, including those that work on policy and governance controls
  • We can use the same tooling to monitor and audit the digital assets for undesired or unintended change (Terraform Cloud, Driftctl)
  • We can also use version control to provide a complete audit for the lifecycle of the digital assets

How do we get started?

Well, that's where Hestio worX comes in. We have a library of codified digital assets for AWS ready to use. You don't have to be a Terraform Developer or an Infrastructure Engineer to understand how to use them and you can enable only the features you need.

We understand that not everyone needs an S3 Bucket with KMS encryption, access logging, object lifecycle management, and a choice of access control policies. we also understand that it might be be useful if you could enable those features when you need them without starting all over again.

Check out the intro or jump right in with one of our tutorials.

Want to find out more?

At Hestio, we have taken our experience with designing and building on cloud to codify these patterns and made them available as a low-code pattern library for AWS. Why spend time and effort on reinventing the wheel when it's already a solved problem? Would you start developing office productivity software in a world where Microsoft Office already exists?

If you'd like to find out about worX, our low-code patterns library for AWS you can read more here or get in touch today to schedule a demo.

If you'd like to find out more about the products and services Hestio has to offer, select one of the options below.