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Hestio is now an AWS Select Consulting Partner

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Robert Jennings

The APN is a worldwide partnership programme that allows consulting companies partner with AWS to deliver high quality solutions and services to their customers.

Hestio were recognised as a Select Consulting Partner for Amazon Web Service (AWS) Partner Network (APN) on October 13, 2020.

Hestio are the fastest Irish company ever to obtain this accreditation.

We are AWS specialists so we are delighted to obtain this AWS Select Consulting Partner status so soon in our journey. We like to think that it is a great reflection of our expertise in AWS and how we have already delivered value to our customers.


To qualify as AWS Select Consulting Partners Hestio have proven they have deep knowledge of AWS from both business and technology perspectives. Our people have obtained Cloud Practitioner, Solution Architecture, Security and Networking certifications showing a deep and broad knowledge of AWS.


While Hestio is a relatively new startup up our people have brought a depth of experience to our company. In order to gain the Select Consulting Partner accreditation we’ve shown that we’ve delivered many great solutions to our customers. Data Analytics, DevOps, Automation, Networking, AWS Marketplace are a few of the solutions we’ve delivered.

Customer Success

We asked our customers for feedback and we hope these quotes speak for themselves. We’ve edited out private details, the rest is direct and unprompted feedback.

“A deep level mastery of AWS, DevOps, automation, orchestration, configuration management & Linux coupled with expertise in ITIL, ISO, standards and operations position Hestio as the perfect partner for any organisation who have embarked on a Cloud adoption journey.”
– Customer giving us a 9/10 Net Promotor Score

“Hestio’s expertise in architecture, infrastructure automation and cloud adoption is second to none. They always act in a professional manner and excel at guiding teams within our company through the process of cloud adoption. Hestio are pivotal in driving the strategic deployment of AWS throughout our company. They work professionally with stakeholders worldwide on many programmes around AWS. Traditionally, our team in Dublin have been a Centre of Excellence for AWS within the company and Hestio are in many ways the linchpin.”
– This customer gave us 10/10 – Net Promotor Score


Hestio look forward to further realise the benefits of cloud with their people, customer and partners. Obtaining Select Consulting Partner for AWS is another step in this journey.

This accreditation means that Hestio will have additional levels of support from AWS to further progress services to our customers. We’d like to thank our people, our customers and AWS for the support they have given us since we started.

Want to find out more?

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If you'd like to find out about worX, our low-code patterns library for AWS you can read more here or get in touch today to schedule a demo.

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